Presentation of Christ into the Temple

February 1st & 2nd, 2019

Come join us as for an All-Night Vigil as we celebrate the Presentation of Christ into the Temple.

This coming Friday, Holy Ascension Orthodox Church and the House of St. David of Wales will be hosting an All-Night Vigil celebrating the Great Feast of the Presentation of Christ into the Temple, which will begin at 7:30PM and conclude with Divine Liturgy at 8:30AM on Saturday. Vespers and Orthros will be followed by scripture readings, Midnight Office, patristic readings from the saints, and lives of the saints. Booklets with the full vigil text will be available for those who would like to follow along. Anyone interested is welcome to attend all or part of the vigil. This is a great opportunity to take all or some of your family and press further in prayer and contemplation.

If you plan to stay overnight it is recommended you eat a dinner meal before coming to the church. At the church, we will have plenty of smaller snacks. Separate women’s and men’s sleeping areas will be set up downstairs for those in need of a little rest. Artoklasia will be offered before fasting begins; following Divine Liturgy, all are invited to break the fast together with pancakes.